Re: Realistic or not?


K3 —
No planes fly-in for the six months of winter…therefore, no mail.  🙁  During the summer, the mail comes in frequently, but a letter can still take two weeks to get here, and a package anywhere from a month, to three.  It’s all dependent on how much space the planes have on the way down from Christchurch.  There’s usually always a big push to get all the Christmas packages to us BEFORE the actual holiday, but no promises are implied, or inferred.
Our Galley does an ample job of keeping us fed.  Of course, it’s fairly easy to cook for 241 people, compared to the thousand, or so, in the summer.  Three meals a day in the winter (except for Sundays, when we have Brunch), and four meals a day in the summer (operations are 24 hours a day, so there’s a meal for ‘night’ workers at Midnight, called Midrats). 
This morning, for Brunch, I had a Belgian waffle I made myself, a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of blueberries, and two scrambled eggs.  Tonight, I believe we’re having baked ham.
We also have Burger Bar, which is located inside Gallagher’s.  Sometimes you just want to order your food, pay for it, and eat it somewhere different. 
There’s also a baker that does her best to keep us fat, with homeade desserts, and breads.  She’s evil…pure evil…  🙂
Don’t worry about the length of the thread – people asking about the ice all have the same questions, and this is a great forum in which to address them.   And yes, literally millions of people read Mike’s website daily. 
Oh, and the correct term is ‘winterover’.  If you say ‘winter down’ you’ll immediately be branded a FNG.  🙂
Speaking of food, it’s already after 5p.  I’d better get over to 155.  It’s been a while since Brunch.