Re: Realistic or not?


Thanks mate. “For the greatest part, all are American.” Forgot about me already eh? I thinght this Irishman was the greatest part of the damned place as well as the Brit you’re stuck with there now.
How are things down there these days? Dnai and MaryAnne have kept us informed with their 2 week updates, seems a good year.
Kel, we have people from everywhere down there, as long as we have a green card we can go. Last year there was meself and another Irishman, an English firefighter,an Italian and German as well, there were others who were not there for the whole season though but we get a bit of a mix. We had some Italians staying for a day en-route to Terra Nova base as well as Russians who were there to take a plane home from the Pole so it was fun to hang around with some new folks but the old friends are the real attraction.
They are right though, everything there is considered normal and anything you do off the Ice feels like a temp job as you await to return south again.
A, are you talking down about our beautiful Holly and her wonderous baking skills? Where would Weightwatchers be without the efforts of Holly to keep them in business? Nice to see thats the only food complaint so far.
Have fun there guys and keep the Aurora pics coming.