Re: Realistic or not?


Kelli, yes Atlas is a man, a REAL man!! And Lucky is a great craic (and a real MAN too)….(lucky, going back this summer? can’t member -we gotta sing more Shane MacGowan songs togedder.)

Kelli just get your arse down there. I was a fingie last season & had never wanted anything so badly as I did getting to the Ice, and my life will never be the same. It is majical, intense, heartbreaking, joyful, labor-campy. Atlas, you are so funny: as a 5th generation Texan I wore Big Red everyday! (hey, all my crap was in those enormo pockets). We Texans were seriously outnumbered down there – but I’m from Austin, the “other” Texas. Got a call from a dreamy winterover (who shall remain nameless!) last nite & realize I only have 3 months to go before going back “home.” Everyone asks me if the “isolation” down there was hard to take. I have never felt less isolated than I did at McMurdo…I felt like I’d found my tribe…life off Ice doesnt seem really real -I’m just riding around on my scooter in 105 degree weather, biding time til I get back to what feels like my “family”. Enough sentimentality from me for today….ok, a little more: oh the waffles! oh stinky gerbil gym! oh my beloved coffee haus that I “cleaned” every day! My supposed deploy date is Oct 1, will you still be there A?

p.s. Kelli, a GREAT first season job is Janitor-it rocks, and is a great workout.

slainte ya’ll,