Re: Realistic or not?


I wrote an answer but it disappeared. Must be in one of the other threads. I’ll echo Atlas that you’ve already made friends here. We have a core group of people who know each other through this website and even if we don’t run in the same circles,(remember there are a thousand people in the summer) ¬†we are all instant and long term ¬†friends.
Interesting enough the people who answer questions on this board also tend to be pretty active members of the community. Atlas, is not only our resident massage therapist, but is also our computer saviour. Big V and Marsha elighten almost everyone who comes in contact with them. Same for Zondra and Glenn, but add in station musicians on top. And of course there’s Lucky, of whom we are all lucky to be an aquantance. These are all people who make it their business to make everyones lives a little better. If you get a job, I think you would be a welcome addition to the group.
I feel that I can speak for the group that we are all cheering that you find a position.
Good Luck