Re: Realistic or not?


Hi friends,
Man, talk about making someone feel welcome.  Thank you.  Atlas, have you considered recruiting for the ARMY?  I’m sure they could use your skills in giving definitive yet balanced answers to neurotic question-askers such as myself.  If nothing else, you could weed out the weak and tender-hearted for them.  🙂  Not only do I feel like I have a good little grasp on what life there is like, at least without experiencing it, but it’s amazing how typing a few words into Google and clicking on a link can bring one into a whole different realm of people and experiences.  It’s surreal!
Is this how women meet prisoners?  Nah, I’m just joking.  Kind of.
Seriously, though, I was looking at the pictures.  That tube thing that you crawl into to see the ocean life, uh…that’s not a requirement, is it?  Not some weird hazing-initiation-type deal, right?  Just wondering.  It was making me hyperventilate just looking at it!