Re: Realistic or not?


Marsha, Atlas and Mike, thank you all my fans, its easy for me to forget how wonderful I am and I thank you for remembering such for me.
Great to see you folks are as sane as ever down there. Scary thoughts. Marsha, I am supposed to be down at Winfly, see how it goes, shall be bringing your autographed cap with me again.
Atlas, I guess we have no nationalities on the Ice as nobody owns it, but so we ever have bleedin accents though, you people have to learn to understand what I am lurring, seriously. What has Packman been up to anyhow? Please say hi to Holly and I forgot Michelle was baking, someone said that earlier too. I also never ate and Adelie I didn’t like and when did people get the idea its cold down there?

Erica, sad that you shall not join us again but I hope you are happy and settled. Catch you around the circuit though.
Kelly. Get into Hotel Cal, greatest place apart from all the others. Hotel cal is our prison block if you need to meet convicts. You shall love it there as the people are the best and even though a lot of bad things happen in life, we have divorces and breakups, deaths and illness and such happen to us or those we know while we are down there, the support base is phenonemal as many have either gone through or had friends go through some pretty bad times and know how to help. Bad things seem less so there also, trust me. I shall keep it short ro Atlas can have some lime , oops, meant limelight.
Just heard from Tom the housing guy, Cal is closed until mainbody for upgrades, I want my knocked about old furniture, oh well at least they are going to try to put me in MMI until its ready.
Happy 4th all, belated to you guys down there.