Re: Realistic or not?


Erica, my e-mail is So glad to hear from you-& I still have your stuff to mail to you…please send me your address! I wish you were coming back….

Mike thanks for the compliment that I could possibly enlighten anyone! So glad not everyone saw me as annoying – it is easy to be passionate about something (the Ice) that so profoundly gets into your blood, as was so eloquently said.

Mightly Atlas (that’s what you wrote on my butt – & yes, real women don’t like SNAGs), I think T-3 has set in as I don’t recollect much from working in the housing ofc ;-), but on housing I couldn’t live in hotel cal or mmi cuz I’m spoiled from living in 211 with older folks…& I prefer the bathroom down the hall rather than the suite style in upper case.

Lucky, I forgot I wrote all over your hat…I’ll bring you one from Tejas….

Kelli, where else are you going to meet people named Atlas & Lucky? Reason enough to go I say.