Re: Realistic or not?


Atlas wrote: “The only station we don’t consider IN the Antarctic is Palmer…”

Hey now. Careful there. You might think otherwise if you were here today and spent the entire day looking at your shoulders so you wouldn’t get a face full of blowing ice pellets.


Kelli, see what you have to deal with? People sniping at each other from either side of a frozen continent. You sure you want to get into this? (Say Yes.)

I agree with everything Mike and Atlas have said (except that bit about Palmer). A key point they made: don’t limit yourself. If you see a position that you think you’d like to do, apply for it even if you think you’re not qualified. In some ways, this is very much a southern trade school: they may be willing to teach you. Consider applying to work in Comms; I had a friend with skill similar to yours who spent the summer at Mactown working in MacOps as a radio operator — she enjoyed it.