Re: Realistic or not?


Yea Atlas, be there early again this year, they had me pegged for Mainbody and 2 weeks ago I was called and asked to go at Winfly, scrambling now to get things ready a full 7 weeks sooner.
Marsha, why would I want another cap unless its got your autograoph in it?
Erica, we’ll smuggle you in, thats how much we all love you down there.
Kell. Its not bad in the ghettos. Cal has a very tight communal aspect to it and last year we did have some troubles but the year before it was great, last year we had 5 returnees to Cal and for some of us its just more homelike. The poetry bashes, chess tourneys, philosophical and political debate night can all get heated and seem rowdy to observers but we are happy with the situation mostly. Cal and MMI are the only dorms with no cable in the room and Cal also has the internet hookup in the lounge so thats where many people hang out all the time and you get to know everyone quickly.
“Meet Atlas – get Lucky.” Not sure how to take that, hehe. You mean I have to wait until you get back down to pre screen the women for me mate? what a friend.