Re: Realistic or not?


Kell, you’ll meet us all soon enough, 12 steps from Gallaghers to the door to 155, thats a good program. Coffee house is always a nice place to be, quiet aNd relaxed with bad music in te background. Sorry, not a jazz fan, prefer classical for such environs. As long as you do not take your food to your room at the end of the day you are sure to meet most people from merely walking around and through the job being done. I was LUCKY that plumbing brought me in touch with everyone as I am the quiet type myself and so I met nearly everyone that way.
Atlas, you would hate the heat, you are there too long now to stand the temps above 50 no matter what the humidity. Its 90 here now and I am counting the hours until I escape and head south to weather more my style, Equator would be a little much but a few carribean islands would be bearable though.
Hope things continue to go well and I promise not to smile too much when I arrive there in 7 weeks, I know a lot of you hate us happy smuley people taking over your town, and after seeing the change from Winfly to Mainbody last year, I can understand a little bit why.
Have fun all.