Re: Realistic or not?


Every base has it’s own distinctive character and characters. McMurdo by the sheer volume of people who pass through here, tends toward a very active social environment. It also has a volcanic topography adjacent to water which often means great hikes and the sometimes opportunity to see wildlife. 2 varieties of penguins, Minke and Orka whales, one species of bird, and big sluglike Weddell seals. Summer is warmer and nicer than you would think. Summer is also vast vistas that look out across the frozen Ross Sea to the  mountains in the distance. Winter is every bit as cold and wintery as you would think and dark for many months. It’s like being in another world
South Pole is remote flat and white. It’s far colder and far more spectacular in an Antarctic kind of way. It’s an experience no one forgets.
Palmer in some ways is the most special of bases. With only 30 or so people there it’s far harder to get to, but if you do you will be rewarded with a relatively temperate climate. It’s a climate that appeals not only to you but to a myriad of wildlife. Far more variety than McMurdo.
You will love whereever you end up.