Re: Recent Hires/PQ'ers—how were you notified?


Hello Jim,
I am a first year hire, hopefully going into the DA program. After my interview and references were cleared I got a call from the person who interviewed me. She said I would get my packet and offer letter in a few weeks. She then went on to give me follow up phone numbers for each portion of the PQ process. I don’t know if she’s just really thorough, or if all new hirees get this much help. It turned it out to be a welcome walk through, as you do want to make sure everything is going through. I read some of your other posts but I forgot if they said if you’ve already been offerred a job. If you have email me at I would be able to tell you more through that. I highly recommend trying to call someone though. I thought things were going smooth until I found out something had gone missing. I would have never known if I hadn’t called someone on my list. Also, after I talked to my interviewer everything started showing up on time. E-mail me if you have more questions about my process in general. Maybe we can help each other get through this faster 🙂