Re: Recent Hires/PQ'ers—how were you notified?


You’ll get your offer letter in the mail, sign it, get a copy of your passport, fill in the page called Personal Information, fax all three to Denver ASAP, fill in the rest of the hundreds of pages (be really meticulous about it, dot every i, cross every t) and mail all that (plus the signed offer letter, passport copy & personal info) in the envelope given.

Your PQ package will not be sent out until they have the signed offer letter, generally within 48 hours of receipt. Things in HR have been going astray with remarkable frequency this season, so call to make sure they have your fax, and make sure they received it. If not, fax it all again. If you don’t get your PQ packet within 3-4 days call them again, ask if it has been sent (probably FedEx), then call FedEx to see if you have a package on the way to your address.

Before you even get the packet, make appts for a physical and a dental exam, any extras will be age & health dependent and you’ll get the offficial list with the packet (mammos, EKGs, chest x-rays, et) Make a Drs appt with an office that has a 12-lead EKG machine since you may need that done and not all Drs offices have that, and it’ll save you the time having to find another office and wait for the appt. But make the appts ASAP to get a jump on the timing.

As an Alt, if they need one, it doesn’t matter where on the list of Alts you may be, they will pull in the first-PQ’d and then of the PQd ones, the first person who ansers the phone.

Keep copies (faxable, the pink copies are not very readable by fax) of ALL paperwork and make sure that it has been received and put in the system
Good luck with the process.