Re: Recent Hires/PQ'ers—how were you notified?

Baghdad Jim

[font=Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:evlq9dr0]Genevieve, good rendition of the timeline for getting it done, thanks….that shouldnt be a problem though.  My problem is that the mail will goto an address where it’ll just be stuck on a desk in the back room…not sorted, not forwarded, not etc.[/font:evlq9dr0]
If I can get a heads up from them that its been sent, then I can have someone go pick it up and fedex it here–4 days at the quickest.[/font:evlq9dr0]
I hope I get a call like Melissa did—I’m on nightshift and night time here is dayshift in colorado.  Email wouold be better, though.[/font:evlq9dr0]