Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Hey, lucky
Sounds like an interesting year, Seems like McM is always running out of something. Lorie and I are starting work at Port Hueneme, helping receive items for the next vessel. We’ll take great care of the spirits for you.
For the rest that don’t know the process. The supply line to get items to the pole is extremely long. Depts submit orders to the Denver purchasing personnel during May June and maybe July. The orders are researched and purchase requisitions go out to the companies. The companies ship to Port Hueneme, Cal., where they get received and sit until it’s time to load the boat in December. The ship arrives in McM at the end of Jan or early Feb. Any replacements for order errors that are found before October or November, stand a chance of making the ship. Anything ordered later won’t make the ship and will sit in Hueneme for another year until the next ship.
We are probably the only place in the world that gets one shipment a year.
For station critical items, (Does beer count?) if there is room on an airplane, they can be airshipped in. The cost is prohibitive and is only supposed to be used for important items.