Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Thanks Mike, I knew there was a lag in it but was not sure as to how long. We were told the stock was overloaded a few years ago and a newer budget was approved to help take the storage needs down but then they ran out and the budget was not readjusted in time for this season though they hope that next season shall be better and the following one shall be back to normal. They told us a while ago that the only things flown in are the diet sodas as they have a shelf life of only a few months and cannot sit in the docks all day long.
I recall an all-hands meeting last year when they said a pound of weight flown down costs around $1.17 compared to shipped at $0.12 for the same pound of equipment, at least we still got our 1,000 copies of polar press clips here though, hahaha.
I am happy to say that the Halloween party went very well, the troubles here were resolved somewhat and people were in far better mood this past week though many are still wanting a do-over as their costumes are still not here yet and they wanted to show them off, I was rather more mundane this year also thankfully. People are getting used to the new ways but there are still teething problems such as Sunday workers and the long lines but its what they see as best right now. I contacted Jay and he replied saying that they are going to try and have Bushmills again next year and maybe even looking into Tullamore Dew or Jameson whiskeys the following years, who knows but this is my last year so I shall not have to worry about the shortages though me ould heart shall bleed for the needs of those without.
I may be heading back to the central L.A. area again next year and would love to drop by and say hi, I was only 40 Miles from the port this summer and meant to have a look at all our stuff we are waiting for here, haha.
All the best from the Ice.