Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Ah, the easy questions.
Firstly, I am Irish and a green card holder and thats all you need to work here, they are hiring more New Zealanders (Kiwi’s) and they have a different contract which I do not think applies to anyone from elsewere. Citizneship is not needed but, if you have a green card you can only be out of the country for 6 months at a time as any longer will remove your residency meaning if you want to apply for naturization you will have to wait a further 5 years unless you are married to a citizen and then youhave to wait 3 more years before being eligible to become a dual citizen. If you stay here for a year you can then lose your green card completly unless you have filed and been approved by INS through the Continued Residency Agreement which means you are considered as still being in or working for America and so retain your rights.
I believe the medical and dental work has been covered before but in general you have to have a full medical examination and dental checkup with bitewing and full mouth x-rays taken and sent to RPSC for review. Any pre-existing conditions shall be taken into consideration and you will be told if your are allowed here with them with or without medication, you can get meds shipped in easily though.
Sports. We have teh dodgeball and football (Soccer) as well as basketball and rugby going on right now, the bowling alley is always a busy place and the bars and a few lounges have pool of fuze ball tables in them, one even has a ping pong table. There are hiking trails and climbs as well as skiing and a pretty well done weight room/ aerobic gym and the big gym where the team sports are played.
Hope its been of help and let me know if you need any other info.