Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


I’ll echo Zondra’s response. You have to be someone oriented to the Rec worker lifestlyle to enjoy it. It would help if you’ve done it before as you will already be used to working when everyone else is having fun.
There is a rec food and beverage person who stocks the bars as well as helps out with rec events. There is a finance person and several people dedicated to organizing events.
Best to for alternate jobs if your primary rec job doesn’t happen. Don’t fret if you don’t get the rec job.The nice thing about rec is that if you have a special talent, they are usually able to help you present it to the community. Their help will range from full participation (like if you hosting a live music event) to just posting your activity on the rec bulletin board and newsletters.
Things you might see are sewing, knitting and quilting groups. any number of classes (Language, Painting, Boating, etc.), clubs ( like ham radio, yachting, political discussions, or rod and reel),
for the most part there is something going on every night and everyone has their own idea on what people want to see.