Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Thanks for your help. I never really considered that I wouldn’t be having as much fun with everyone since I would be working but I’m kinda used to that already. Also since it’s something I really want to do I don’t think it will bother me too much. Right now I’m actually doing a three year program at school called Community Recreation Leadership Training. It basically teaches you how to run events, community centers, rec or adventure companies, athletic centers, gym or pools, teach phys ed or really anything else in recreation. So it’ll help me get over that. Also in high school I did an independent study on Antarctica and went there as well with Students on Ice. I’ve always loved Antarctica and I know that one day I will work down there in rec or some other job. But starting off somewhere else and maybe doing some classes would be ok, just so long as I’m down there. I play the trumpet, speak French and can juggle pretty well so maybe I could do that.