Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Rec are having a bad year so far. With all the new snap decision rule changes placed without thought there are more people here now that are upset and demoralised than I can ever even recall hearing about for quite some time. I was at burger bar/Karaoke last Wednesday and instead of being packed as usual there was only 63 people there at 9 PM, 12 of those were Kiwis who were meeting there to get together to do something else and half of the others were polies or FNG’s who thought it would be a busy night. I think 5 or 6 people sang for them that night. Karaoke is normally wild and fun with everyone getting into it and the Burger bar makes it far more lively, to see such a small turnout shows how veryupset so many are about how things are going these days, with a 72% turnover this year we are getting to the stage where McDonalds branches have more returnees than RPSC.
I hope some thought and consideration is used in future or the bleedout of oldtimers shall leave this place with a near new workforce and its the first timers who are far more likely to be injured here on the Ice.
If you want to aply for Rec just be prepared to work a lot harder this and following years to get people going and active.