Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Mike, thats correct indeed, the new rules were enforced without proper planning nor engineering of existing buildings to accomodate the enforcement. We construction workers have fought hard to get resolution on many isues and answers to questions and they are being resolved as best they can but we are told to get the job done in a timely manner but we are faced with having to either shortcut regulations or not get a task done due to the lack of equipment or materials.
Station store also was changed to stock alcohol only on Wednesday and sell it from doors open at 5.30 until it was gone, this was a problem decision for two reasons, firstly, those with Wednesdays off had the advantage of being in the store line before others were finished work and secondly, the line for the store went from the store door around and all the way down highway 2 causing a fire hazard and safety obstructions. They have improved this somewhat now to stock beers on Wednesday and liquor on Sundays, not perfect as many of us, including many on the LDB project, are working on Sundays and this eliminates tha ability for many to purchase the remaining stocks on station. I shall not be in station on Sunday to see if this makes the situation any safer but I hope the crowds are less and line up around the corner to the galley where they shall not abstruct foot traffic.
To be fair though, station mangement have tried hard to resolve the troubles with this situation, we were all informed that the problem with a lack of alcohol was a miscalculation made some 2 years ago and not identified in time to stock the ship last year and so we have ran out of certain products early. They hope to have this resolved for next year but distribution of spirits and wine this year has had to be creatively thought up so the store staff are not stocking up daily and risking injury from repetitive stress strains.
We are hoping to have the problems ironed out here soon but with a smaller returnee rate this year we are spending a lot of time training new people in and also learning ourselves how to manage our tasking with the new rules and what equipment we have to work with.
Sorry its taken me so long to get back on this issue but we are working 7 days now to get LDB finished and the extra days and hours have cut into the time online. Hope you are both having a great time Mike.