Re: Recreation jobs in Antarctica


Jobs in recreation are hard to come by.  Before I ever came down, I thought that that was where I wanted to work.  I wasn’t able to get a job there, and came down as a GA instead, and was glad I got that job instead.  There are a LOT of people who want to work in rec, and so the comettition is tough.  You might want to look at other jobs for the first year, and then schmoooze your way into the rec dept.
That said, here’s some info about the recreation jobs:  It’s a busy place.  There are probably 1/2 a dozen recreation events going on any given evening.  There’s a lot of coordinating volunteers (instructors for classes, bands playing gigs, etc), and venues & stuff.  A lot of time when you’re at the event, you don’t have the time to enjoy what’s going on, ’cause you’re taking care of logistics.  For example, instead of sitting back with a beverage and listening to the band play, you’re stuck running the sound board  – and you don’t even have sound experience.  Or, there might be a fun evening activity, but you’re at a different one that you have no interest in, making sure things run smoothly.  You end up missing out on a lot fun things that are going on.  You do get to know everyone when you’re in this position, and that’s a nice thing.
There are a lot of volunteer recreation people.  If you have a special skill, why not teach a class?  If you’re a musician, why not join a band and do some gigs.  There’s a lot you can do to help out the recreation dept.  Also, there are a lot of non recreation dept sponsored recreation events going on (underground sort of stuff) – someone needs to coordinate that stuff.
I hope this isn’t to discouraging for you…. I always thought I wanted to work in recreation, but now that I’ve been down here for a few years, I’ve scene that there are other opportunities & options.