Re: Return Tickets


Three possibilities for departing winterovers this year
1 you get fired. In this case you get a first available flight no refund ticket. If you don’t show up New Zealand immigration goes looking for you as in most cases you have to have a return ticket to stay in NZ.
2 you go straight home.  You can delay the start of your trip home as long as you want, provided you arrainge the tickets within 30 days of arriving in NZ. This is the programatic ticket. You can arrainge a free stopover in any place the plane lands on the way.
3. Leisure travel. You get a dollar value for you ticket home. Within 30 days of arriving in NZ you buy a ticket to where ever you want to travel and apply the value of the original ticket to the new one. Keep in mind that the program gets a pretty good volume discount on the programatic flights. Sometimes you get great deals, sometimes only good deals.
Thats it in a nutshell. There are lots of variations of tickets available. You’ll learn more when down here.