Re: Roaches and Rats


Interesting enough, they do not have a hold down here. For a couple of reasons. First of all most of the non-canned food is stored in an unheated warehouse. So even though some bugs manage to get down, they don’t survive the cold. Canned goods are kept warm. A couple of years ago some frozen and burst soda leaked in the warm warehouse and imported fruit flies got a foothold in the building. They eventually brought the temp down and killed them. Currently there is an infestation of thrips in the greenhouse. They were some how imported with the seeds or something. Anyway, we are out of freshies from the greenhouse as they drop the temperature and freeze them.
So far as I know there have never been rats or roaches, Though I’m sure they must have traveled here. I don’t think they would survive the cold.
The other reason nothing survives is the dryness. All the water is frozen. They would die of thirst.