Re: Rockin' Continent


Daylight is near. The photosensors on the streetlights are turning the lights off at lunch now. We are still getting -40F degree days, though. I’m a delta driver for winfly and they have been using us to pack down the shortcut road to Pegasus. It’s been so cold that the tires go flat as soon as they get blown up. We sat around for four hours last week while the mechanics tried to blow up enough tires to get some machines running. It never worked. We hit condition one for cold that day. -100f windchill.
We’ve come to the conclusion that condition 2 for cold is way worse than a condition one storm.
Nacreous clouds are out almost everyday now. The northern sky was almost blood red this afternoon, so you know the sun is just a peek a way.
The tanned people are next. Starting on saturday.
Lorie and I are looking at land in Northern California. If we buy you’ll have to come visit.