Re: Rockin' Continent


The truth of the matter is that you really never know for sure until the plane takes off with you on it. Todays flight was canceled for weather and it may cancel again tomorrow based on the forcast. It’s not uncommon for flights to be delayed up to a week or two. Once a big storm dumps snow and big drifts on the runway, it’s not safe to land a plane until it gets cleared off. Also the temperature has to be warmer than -50. If it gets colder than that the flaps and landing gear hydrolics can fail. Nobody wants a plane landing in those conditions.  Once a flight gets delayed and you have more than one plane that is late, the passenger lists change as priorities take over.
Management and key personnel and station critical cargo get high priority. Science groups and their cargo get priority. Most of the rest are low on the list and get slotted in where ever.
Every year there is someone leaving the ice who plans on the weather being good. They will buy tickets to the states only to find themselves still in McMurdo when their flight leaves.  Anyone who has been here for a while knows better and plans on staying in Christchurch for a week or so. That way if you get stuck in MCM by storms for a week you still have no pressures about missed flights.
Best to wait the waiting game and see your boyfriend when he makes it.