Re: Shout out from the Pole


Hi Marsha and Susan. Not much to report here. Sort of a boring winter. No auroras, no fights, no problems. Just work. I’m running a trip to Castle Rock on Friday with the two other guides. This is a new one. 15 people start hiking. We come by an hour later with the vehicles and pick up anyone who is cold and drive them out. Everybody gets a ride home at the end of the night. This one filled up fast. There is an option to not hike at all and just drive out with me. I would have thought only a few would hike, but all but two are planning on walking.
It’s pretty much dark all the time now. The  southern cross is overhead at noon and the Scorpion is over ob hill at dinnertime. We have yet to have a storm. Very cold though. We’ve had numerous condition 2 for cold days.
Hope all is well your way. Oaxaca? Isn’t that hot hot hot at this time of year? You are going to have a hard adjustment, Marsha.
Oregon, it’s an easier transition.