Re: Shout out from the Pole


Makesure to bring vitamin E cream, lots of it. Dryness is a real pain there and when you have a runny nose or such, you can use tissue as soft as you can find and it will still rub your nose raw so for your fingers, toes in boots and nose, bring cream. Always remamber to have some good shoes and boots as nobody wants to work in Bunny Boots all day long. Not an advertisement really Mike but, I always get my boots through bamason online and I have had 2 pairs down there which have survived 3 seasons of hard use with no signs of wear on them, very warm too. Some dress clothes for formal occasions as well as craft and hobby supplies, nothing worse than when the stitching club runs out of wool and your thermals are growing shorter daily. I would strongly suggest getting a set of silk thermals for working or hiking outdoors, very lightweight and vry warm if you get a good set. Hundreds of other things but thats all that mt desert fried mind can come up with now.
Live, love and leave no harm.