Re: Shout out from the Pole


hey Susan, Lucky, Atlas!

glad to know ya’ll have ‘finger cots’ as I have a desk job this upcoming summer (was switched from VMF supply to MET)! Atlas, you may not want to toss out those raincoats as they may be newer than the ones at McM..hardee har…I always wondered, who is taking all those condoms? The women’s restroom in 155 would have an overflowing bucket at noon, and by 1:00pm would be empty! Maybe they were being used for someone’s MAAG project???

Susan, are you coming back in medical supply?

Lucky is right: no scrimping on warm, waterproof footwear….and a daily daub of vaseline up the proboscis is a must…

can’t wait to see ya’ll again!

(currently in Oaxaca, looking forward to cold)