Re: Showers


I’m with Cheri on this one. The dorm facilities here are modern and up to date. We have four “upper case” dorms that have a shower and toilet for every 2 rooms. In the winter each person gets his own room and shares a bathroom with the person in the adjoining room. The lower case rooms have communal shower and toilet facilities. These can get crowded during the summer crush. Water comes from a desalination plant at mcmurdo. During the summer months they ask us to conserve water because they can’t produce enough water for unlimited useage when we have over a thousand people here. Wintertime, with our population of 200, sees the restrictions easing somewhat, but not entirely. Each y ear in the middle of winter the salt water intake begins to freeze restricting the incoming flow of  water into the desalination plant. At one point this year we were down to one days supply of water and severe rationing went into effect. Paper plates were used in the galley, no washing of clothes, and everyone was asked to limit their showers. They were able to melt the ice after a couple of days but it was touch and go for a while