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[font=Baskerville BE Regular:2xnjfm5w]Dear Chief, [/font:2xnjfm5w]
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[font=Baskerville BE Regular:2xnjfm5w]I don’t know what the showers are like at College Station, but in the winter, we have a private shower (no tub) with plenty of hot water and water pressure.  Since the water plant is used to making water for 5 times as many people as are here in the winter, we don’t need to scrimp and can take long hot showers every morning. [/font:2xnjfm5w]
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[font=Baskerville BE Regular:2xnjfm5w]Hope that answers your question!![/font:2xnjfm5w]
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[font=Baskerville BE Regular:2xnjfm5w]Cheri [/font:2xnjfm5w]
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I am not a pervert, being from Texas A&M i just wondered if the showers were the same as here at College station, thanks Chief