Re: Some quick info on the program


Congrats Mech. Honestly I would not have thought you would have gotten through. The next step is to get your medical appoints asap. As soon as the packet gets to you make the appointments. The forms for the doctors and dentists to fill out are all on the Program websites. You need to do this pronto because tests by nature are variable. If they fall outside the norms, you will be asked for a retest. You will undoubtably pass the second one, but it does take time and if you wait too long for the initial tests you won’t have time for a retest.
Dental is the same. Dental problems are hell in the winter. They want everything fixed before you get here. Problem teeth have root canals, extractions ect.
Again it all takes time so get it done early.
Pick a nice low cost hotel in Cheech. I like the YMCA. others like the  Windsor, Thomas’s, Stonehurst etc. More on that from the others.
Again congrats