Re: Some quick info on the program


Hope the contract comes through Mech. Winter is  gentler than summer. Lots of space, but sometimes there is nobody else to do the hard jobs but you. Most enjoy it. Those who don’t usually are missing family back home. It doesn’t sound like you are in that boat. This place is going to be very corporate and probably not very military although we are a bit regimented when it comes to safety and paperwork.
Parts come in once a year on a boat. We’ve had the cutoff for this years boat.  Our supply line is longer than the military. Things that are being ordered now, won’t be here, unpacked and usable until at least April of 2008. It makes for a crazy time if you have to fix things. There is no way to have every part for every vehicle in reserve. On the other hand everybody understands the logistics problems. Mostly you will deadline the vehicle until the parts come in. If that doesn’t stress you then you should have an OK winter.