Re: Summer is here….My Mail is not!!


hi  Mike and Lori
Am still in Florida, leaving for my home and yacht in “God’s Country” Virginia next week. My e-mail will be but messages to this e-mail address will be forwarded to me.
Gave a 2 hour talk on my Antarctica year and that made me so homesick for the Ice.  Due to the uncertainty of my Dad’s condition, I plan to stay here and aim for an August contract for another year. I do so want to return to McMurdo, hopefully not as a janitor.
If you are in Virginia and need to place to stay, I have plenty, so you are always welcome: phone is 804-758-5497.
Got an A also, now trying to get copy of transcript to fax to HR for the refund?  Have you applied for it yet and run into any problems?  Will take my rocks to William and Mary College for help in identifying.  Wish I had more Mt. Erebus crystals.
Enjoy the real Outback (went to the restaurant here and it sucks)