Re: Summer is here….My Mail is not!!


Hi Chris,
   Would you be in the market to exchange some weather?  I can’t stand this humidity and debilitating heat of Florida that keeps everyone indoors under the tyrantcy of air conditioning.  I  so miss the walks to Hut Point, my last being in -70F right before leaving at Winfly.  At least at McMurdo, if you bundle up, the outdoors is an option.
   I really appreciate your e-mail diary so I can vicariously continue to feel connected to the Ice.  Seems unreal that I fly in a year ago and fell in love with it all.  If I can send you anything desired or needed, let me know.  Ask the incoming flight crews for any unused lunches and skua them for fresh fruit. The guys were tremendous in sharing them with us on the first Winfly back.
The ex-skua Queen