Re: sunglasses


The issue sunglasses will work fine for you, but stylish they are not. I think the majority of people will bring sunglasses with them and keep the issue ones as backup. I wear glasses and find it a nuscence to be changing from regular glasses to¬†sunglasses all the time. What do you do with the spare pair? ¬†Also it’s too easy to drop good glasses and break them. Instead I opt for the most uncool looking things around. Those big ugly wrap around sunglasses that fit over everything. I know I look like something out of a nerd movie but they do the trick and I don’t mind if I drop them. By the end of the season they are pretty scratched up, but my good glasses are in good shape.
I can’t recommend one brand over another of the prescription glasses. I can say for sure that you will want to get polarized lenses. There is a lot of glare here in the summer and you ‘ll appreciate the polarized lenses for that. More so if the nacreous clouds are out you will need polarized lenses to see the colors.
mike in mcmurdo