Re: thanks!


Awesome. I think I’ll probably bring both types of skis, as well as a cold/dry/icy range of waxes. I’m pretty serious about ski racing, so it’ll be nice to be able to keep up both disciplines, even if the classic’s a little sketchy. Double pole.

They’ve got tele skiing too? I’ll be in heaven. This place seems like a mix of all my favorite things. I can see, though, how it wouldn’t be worth 40% of your weight allowance or whatever to send your scarpas and sidecut skis down. I’ll stick to XC at first.

We should definitely go for a spin sometime, Zondra. Will you be down there next summer? One thing–is the wind hard to deal with on the sea ice? Just for curiosity’s sake.

Mike–Full name’s Ian McKay, I’ll be working for Dave Zybowski in FEMC. I’ll be sure to look you up.

You all are great. Thanks a bunch for the great info. You’ve got me wishing I had more time to spend down there! (I’m supposed to start college in New Hampshire in 2007.) Schucks. 6 months’ll be a start.