Re: thanks!


Very cool. Yes, FEMC GA was my dream job–it seemed like a good way to get the lay of the land down there, and at my age was really all that was within reach. I can’t take it for granted yet, though; still got to PQ.

While we’re on the subject: I’d assumed that skiing was only possible over the sea ice. But if you do the castle rock thing, can you ski after the sea ice has all left? And are you allowed to go skiing any time the conditions are okay, or do you have to be in an organized group? I’m really glad that there are some hills, at least.

Sorry for too many questions; I’m just getting exciteder and exciteder and they keep springing up. Thanks a ton for the helpful (really) replies. If anyone who’s into XC happens across this, please don’t hesitate to post or email me or whatever.

Atlas, I look forward to it. You all are great.