Re: Tiki Bar?


Looks like I may not get to be back this year. My ex has made it clear in the past that she will ruin my life however she can, she has brought several nusiance suits against me and has been heard in public to say that she wants me in jail, I know that if I were to go again in August that she would bring another frivolous suit which I would not be able to appear at and this would lead to a bench warrant for my arrest being issued, so I fear that my days on the Ice are numbered.
I am sorry if this upsets any friends but I just wished you all to know why I may not be appearing in a bar near you this fall.
I shall complete the PQ on the off chance that I may be able to negotiate a peace accord of some sort, but I am near certain that I shall not make this years festivities or any other years thereafter. I am settled in my new job and believe another increase in responsibilities os upcoming soon and a career if wanted lies here, I believe I shall travel more though and make use of shutdowns and such.
To any I shall again meet, I look forward to that day in earnest, to those I shall never again see, or those new people I shall not have the pleasure of meeting, I wish you all a fond adieu and wish you all the vry best that life has to offer and may your ice days be the ones most memorable in your lives.