Re: Tiki Bar?


Hey, Lucky!

I'm so sorry to hear that your ex is still interfering in your life &
making things difficult. I'll never understand women like that, but
don't know that I would want to. You deserve so much better!

Hope you are happy in your new job & everything goes smoothly for a
bit, even if it's not in Mactown. I won't be there, either – we can
commiserate together!

Have to admit that I think it's a good thing southern Cal is “not
nearly anything like Hotel Cal” – the world might not be ready for TWO
Hotel Californias! Besides, since you couldn't ever be in both at
once, there would always one left “Lucky-less,” which just isn't

I'll be heading out your way later in the year to visit the 141 guys
at March AFB, so if you're still in the area it would be great to