Re: Tiki Bar?


You got rocks in your head you fool. I used to wear a loing sleeve shirt for the Con 1’s.
Sorry I have been remiss of late, my current employment and situational placement has had me in rather a accelerated state, add to this the loss of computational usage for the last 10 days and you can begin to gain an insight of what my time demands have been of late. My deepest regrets, the mere mention of the Tiki has again taken me back to those heady days of chess over a fine snifter of hand warmed brandy and port, my wistful words merely portray the manner and mode of converse held at such gatherings.
I returned to NM for about 5 days, then went on a trip, I ended up in 2 interviews, one in Pheonix AZ and the other in Los Angeles CA. The former widhed to hire me as a plumber for 4 weeks and then as a foreman on various jobs in the Valley, great position and lots of hours as well as a resume booster, I was not ready to commit to a foreman job though as I hate leaving those posts after a few months to return ice side. The L.A. job was better, near the ocean and at sea level again, I accepted it and began last Monday, no extra responsibilities or pressures, I was handed the prints yesterday and told to run the copper crew, great, I ended up as lead plumber after 1 week, should have taken the AZ job.
I have been in touch with R.P.S.C. abd they want me back in August, I am going back again, already told housing I want the room across from the lounge in Cal so that the troubles we had this year shall not happen again, I hate to be a damn hall monitor but if we need one then there are a few of us who shall rise to what is required to keep Cal the place we all love or hate.I remember the divorce celebration well, the same week as I went to the dry valleys and got the copy of the book my poem was published in, what a week of celabrations, even I had to dress a little for a week in which all these worthy accomplishments were forthcoming.
Are you returning again this year J? hope to see you there and get into a few poetry slams with you and a few of the others one night in the coffee house or a lounge.
Take care all and remain healthy and well.