Re: Tiki Bar?


Well, its the best.
I know the tiki somewhat, the most famous party never to exist. I also live beneath the lounge its held in so I have gone from the troll beneath the stairs to the leprechaun below the Tiki.
Tiki is a social gathering on Monday nights when al other bars are closed, there are a few rooms around base where friends get together and ejoy a little tipple, we gather in the lounge and relax togeether in an athmosphere where you do not have to shout in order to be heard as in some bars, and where various activities are ongoing simultaniously, Jazz playing in the background, or maybe a little rock or sometimes classical also, chess playing in the centre section and TV viewing fore of all.
Tiki is meant as a place for dorm residents to congregate and get to know each other better, our friends drop by on occasion and join in the revelry and merriment which we are all happy to share in, a social service to the community of sorts, we drink, we chat, sometimes we sing and we are always laughing, great people, great place, great life.
Some people love it, some do not, sometimes its a party and others it becomes a quiet discussion forum for topics of the day between a wide range of people who live in Hotel Cal and our nearest and dearest neighbours, MMI, as well as friends from further afield.
If you like to laugh, we have jokers, if you like to joke, we have laughers, if you like to play or debate, we have people here to engage you in many aspects and levels. If you like to watch the never setting sun of summer hovering above the horizon and lighting the world around us, with a Bailleys in your hand and a friend by your side, then this is the place. If you like other things, we can probably accomodate also, we are rather eclectic.
Few are perfect for here, here is perfect for many.