Re: travel fund


Sorry to hear about the teeth 🙁

I was a bit worried about my PQ process last year, since I’m not as young as I used to be, plus I wondered about my sanity for wanting to winter again.

But it turned out the dental was the hardest part. The review of my X-rays in Denver resulted in 2 crown replacements. Then after I got to Pole we had to undergo the “quick 10-minute checkup” that for me resulted in a pulled tooth and a bunch of fillings (it almost got me sent home). I wasn’t the only person at Pole who had serious dental PQ difficulties after arrival, one person actually was sent home.

Hindsight is that the dentist I’d been seeing obviously missed some stuff that could have caused serious problems during the winter. The lesson learned here is…don’t put off or underestimate the dental portion of the PQ process.