Re: travel fund


Well that’s 3 teeth now for the program. So far they’ve let me keep my fingers and toes. Part of me hates the dental part, but on the other hand i’ve seen first hand what it’s like to have a serious dental problem and not be able to get off the ice. Years ago I had a toothache. There must be something about the proximity of your teeth to your brain. The pain starts as a discomfort and soon spreads to every fiber of your body. The only hard part is that they took a top molar on each side, so I can’t really chew and grind food. The dentist says I have to wait 3 months for the swelling to go down and all the healing to take place before I can get fitted for a plate.
For the most part I can eat everything except lettuce and carrots, which since I’m heading to McMurdo, shouldn’t be a great problem.