Re: Visiting California?


Hey Scott
Current plans are to find somewhere warm. We have found what we think is a quaint town in Australia. It’s just below the tropic of Capricorn and seems like a great place to vacation, something we haven’t done for a while. If all goes well we’ll rent a house there and just relax for 5 weeks. Then back to California for 2 weeks at Christmas, then to the east coast with a quick stop in Florida to visit an old Antartic friend. Then back here in Mid-January.  We are seeing light on the horizon these days, but it’s still pretty much night all the time still. Temps are pretty regularly between -20 and -30. The coldest so far has been -43 quite a bit warmer than last year (knock on wood). Here is a composite photo I took the other day. It was taken at 2pm in the afternoon.