Re: Want Job, missed job fair


I’ll repeat some often heard advice about the hiring process. By all means apply for the jobs you are qualified at, but don’t leave out the ones that interest you. The bottom line is that often times the primary or best qualified people may get hired, but for many reasons they may decide not to go. This can potentially leave the program in dire straits at the last minute. Back in college you worked summers as a laborer somewhere? You might make a good carpenters apprentice. You’ve helped your neighbor wire his house? you might be a good electrician apprentice.
I’ve seen numerous people with little experience fill those jobs. What’s important?
You are fast learner, sharp, you have enough drive to jump in and get the job done, you can work with little supervision, you have had jobs in the past that required you to pick up new skills fast, you can take orders well (especially from someone younger and less experienced than you).
None of these skill will get you hired on in the first round. The most qualified people will get hired first, but if you get offered an alternate position, jump on it. Be the first person to get your physical completed and let everyone know that you drop you life at a moments notice if they need you.
Granted, these hints are not official. They are only my observations of how people get hired each year.
good luck to all going to the job fair