Re: want to work in antarctica!


Hi Marsha.
I sure hope you get the job. It sounds like you really would enjoy going down to the ice. If at all possible don’t sit on your hands and wait. If at all possible go to the Denver Job Fair that Rpsc puts on. Once there get names of people who you can keep in touch with. As far as I know that is the only way to get names. Once you get the ok to call then keep in touch and let them know you can drop your life at an instant and head to the ice. Take an alternate position and hope the  primary person doesn’t pass the physical. Often times jobs go wanting  at the last minute and if the recruiters know you it may give you an in. If you get the alternate position  get your physical done as soon as possible. It let’s everyone know that you are on top of things. The secret is to keep in touch.
good luck