Re: wasteage


I believe it was two years ago that they built the Waste Water Treatment Plant. It is a modern day treatment facility. After the waste is treated it is then poured into the day.
There is no longer a dump here. They feel as if it was affecting the area too much and the Skuas life style. All garbage is now boxed up and sent home via vessel. Oil from the heavy shop is no longer dumped into the bay either. Supposidly we are a faily low impact base now. It there is an oil spill or JP8 spill it is all cleaned up.
Around a month or so ago we had 8000 gallons of fuel spill out on the run way. At one time they would have just let it go, but now adays they spend the time and resources on picking it all up. They figure they picked up just over 7000 gallons. Any spill over 50 gallons is recoreded and goes to Washington.