Re: Web Cam


I noticed they changed it too. Looks like you click on the photo to move the camera around. It seems to me that whereever you click becomes the center of the new photo. Same process as before just a little slower.The camera belongs to one of the science groups here. The LTB Long term ballon project. It’s an iteresting idea. It seems that the winds settle into a perfect circle centered on the south pole some time in december. They can launch a giant balloon with a satelite payload from Mcmurdo and for the next week it goes around Antarctica in a giant circle eventually coming back to the iceshelf near here. They fire charges that separate the payload from the balloon and parachute it to the iceshelf. Then the Next season they go out in a helecopter and pick it up. They do the same as a rocket at a fraction of the cost plus they get there experiment back again. I think the links on the site will get you more info on it.