Re: WebCam


I saw a vehicle!  A red Ford truck drove right in front of the heavy shop at about 4PM CST on 9/24, or in McMurdo I guess that would be about 11AM on the 25th.  Just one frame but it proves that there is life in Antarctica!  Actually yesterday, I caught a few frames of an actual person out too.
I can zoom in to 3.5X on the roll up doors on the Heavy Shop with pretty good resolution without the doors moving out of the FOV.  An easy spot to see is the big door at the extreme end of the single story part of the shop – or nearest the sound – or downhill end.(I don’t know directions but I’d guess that’s the south end of the bldg.)  I can clearly see a big “143” on the outside wall and there is a large, white, passenger carrier just outside as well.